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The Charms of Using a Touchscreen Payment Terminal

There are two types of touch screens out there. Resistive screens, which are made from two separate panels separated from each other, are something of a dinosaur compared to the newer touch screen tech, called capacitive touch screens. These are what your smartphone has. They’re much more user-friendly, although screen breakage becomes an issue.

Faster checkouts

For a point of sale, great user experience carries with it a dollar amount, where each smoother, simpler checkout getting your customer out the door faster so that the next transaction can begin. With this, your customers naturally have a happier experience, with less wait time, and more frictionless transaction. Poynt’s Smart Terminal has done a great job leveraging design to streamline the checkout process and reduce or eliminate those wait times that can drive down sales in your business.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory, that herculean task, is greatly simplified through implementing a better system with a touchscreen. Integrating with an inventory management system enables you to automatically stay on top of your store’s inventory levels, which thereby save you from unfortunate losses of sales when hot items move quickly. Alerts, reminders, and even automatic reordering can take care that those outages don’t hold you back.

Making customer service visual

The question comes up: what can you do with all that screen real estate? The answers are many. Practically every process that your employees handle at the point of sale becomes much easier with a modern touchscreen. Most notably, when the need arises to show your customer the details of the transaction, such as when a refund becomes necessary, or when the associate needs to enter or pull up customer information, a touch screen is effectively the only way to do that.

All your processes

The many moving parts that comprise your business work better when your team accesses them on a touchscreen. That’s because most everyone, regardless of age, has been conditioned to work on touchscreens. The Poynt Smart Terminal allows you to capitalize on this by working in much the same way that a smartphone does, allowing you to access the various apps your business uses with the tap of a finger. Odds are your team will need minimal training to become functional and even fluent in its use.

The concern some have, that fancy touch screens come with a hefty price tag, is simply no longer the case. New technology has been on the market long enough that prices have become agreeable, and in some cases, such as with the Poynt Smart Terminals that Moolah loves, you don’t have to pay for them at all! All customers who sign up for a merchant account with Moolah are able to get a Smart Terminal for free, giving you access to all the benefits of the most up-to-date POS tech. The time to go touchscreen is now.