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Providing Access to Success: The Moolah—Wix Partnership

With most people and businesses facing an increasingly dense network of apps and tech solutions, it’s becoming essential to have all that technology talk to each other. By partnering with Wix, we’re making it easier than ever before to break into e-commerce, with a stunning and easy-to-design website, and fast, intuitive payment processing.

So you want to break into e-commerce.

Taking your real-life product to market in the digital world has long come with an off-putting list of things that must be accomplished first—possibly the most off-putting of which are the questions of how to get a website that actually looks good and sells your product. Equally important is the question of finding a merchant payment service that is easy to use, understandable, and doesn’t gouge you. Enter payment innovators Moolah, followed closely behind by web design innovators Wix.

The payment processing solution you’ve always wanted

If you’re after a real merchant account, look no further than Moolah. We designed our payment solutions around the needs of merchants just like you. Our integrated Authorize.Net payment gateway plugs right into the Wix Online Store, providing a seamless checkout while keeping your customers’ internet transactions safe and secure.

Finally, make your website

In the spirit of giving customers access to precisely what they need, Moolah is all about integrations. One of our most exciting and useful partnerships is with Wix, the website design platform that has been making web designers of those who could never dream of it before. Moolah fits right into the drag n’ drop culture that Wix has fostered in the e-commerce community. When combined with the power and ease of use of Moolah, you may be surprised by how fast you can go from zero to a fully-functioning e-commerce website.

The Moolah–Wix integration is second-nature because at the center of both platforms is the same love for intuitive problem-solving and streamlined efficiency – why reinvent the wheel? Many of us out there in the e-commerce world need very similar things. With the power of Moolah streamlining your payment processing and with Wix offering customizable product galleries, easy coupon promotions and more, there have never been fewer barriers between you and the e-commerce site of your dreams.

Take the next step! Reach out to us to see how Moolah can make your e-commerce dreams a reality.