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Poynt: Opening You Up to POS Choice

There is a wide range of options for your Point of Sale, and anyone who has taken the time to shop around a bit likely knows how daunting the choice for the right POS can be. The hardware might get high reviews, but will it work for you? And how do you know you’ll like it in the end? In the event that you aren’t happy with the POS interface, what are your options? These questions and many more can cause a business owner’s POS choice to be fraught and time-consuming.

Once again, the Poynt Smart Terminal stands out as a supremely flexible choice. Rather than being tied down to a proprietary software for payment processing, Poynt takes an open-source approach, that carries the benefit of letting users choose the POS interface that is right for them.

By making integrations a snap with a range of POS software, an owner could, if desired, change over to a new system if they feel it would be better for them. This is yet another reason Poynt likes to think of themselves as a “future-proof” POS solution. If a better software gets designed down the line, Poynt will likely be there to integrate with it.

Finding the POS that fits

Naturally, there are a number of native applications that come pre-installed with the Poynt Smart Terminal. For retailers that run lean, or otherwise like to keep things simple, the Smart terminal may provide you with enough functionality to take care of what you need. For those companies who like their functionalities served with…more functionalities, Poynt can help you find just what you’re looking for.

As we mentioned, having the ability to choose from a variety of POS systems means you have the power to find the one that fits your business. One such solution that succeeds in offering a wide range of features, while remaining cost-efficient, is eHopper. eHopper, along with Poynt, is able to take care of Point of Sale, Order Tracking, Inventory Management, and even Customer Management features, all with an easy-to-use, no-frills interface. Poynt can additionally support other POS interfaces, such as Lightning Register, and other apps that work together with the POS functions you use it for.

As you can probably guess, we at Moolah are kind of into the Poynt Smart Terminal. We like it so much that customers who sign up with Moolah for a Merchant account can get a free Smart Terminal to start using right away! This combined with the ability to pick the POS setup that’s best for you means you have better POS choices, in addition to savings, which is a win-win.