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POS For The Holidays

Believe it or not, we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season. During this crunch time, stores with physical locations can experience higher volumes than at any other time of year, with many retailers depending on making the most of that added traffic to round out their year of sales and make up for down-time and seasons with low sales.

Part of that equation is making sure your business has an adequate point of sale to ensure that all parts of your business are running optimally. The best POS for your small business doesn’t just help your credit card purchases go smoothly; new wireless systems like the Poynt Smart Terminal make it possible for your business to grow in new ways. At no time of year is this most important than during holiday shopping time.

Your holiday marketing strategy is an important thing to flesh out, and your point of sale makes a difference in this. When you integrate your POS with your customer relationship manager, you’re able to stay on top of your CRM, keeping it up to date. From here, you can use an inexpensive email marketing solution like MailChimp to send out the marketing messages according to your needs.

When you’re in the heat of Holiday shopping time, you need information to make informed decisions about what you’re stocking: what’s moving and what isn’t. Generating smart sales reports on the fly is one way to have the upper hand in this area. Your point of sale is able to do this because a fully connected system has the most up-to-date sales information. That means you can not only stay on top of inventory so that you don’t miss a sale; you’ll also be able to make on-the-floor decisions to optimize what you’re putting in the best spots of your store.

More than ever, omnichannel sales will matter this holiday season. That means you’ll want to have a system that can keep track of what you’re selling online, on amazon, and any other channels, in addition to your physical location.

Finally, the holiday season can also be the trickiest time of the year for scheduling your team. Not only do you often need to schedule more employees to take care of the rush; you also need to field time off requests and make sure all the shifts are covered. Luckily, your point of sale can help you there, too. Employee management systems can put some of the burdens of scheduling off the central manager’s shoulders and into the hands of employees, with some systems enabling messaging and shift swapping. All of this can then be seen in one place. You can even tie sales information to scheduling, to make it easy for you to staff strategically, and reward the sales team that is doing the heaviest lifting.

In order to open up your store to all these efficiencies, you want a cloud-based point of sale, such as the Poynt Smart Terminal, which we at Moolah like for its forward-thinking approach to the business of small business payment processing. By being able to work together with the additional tools and software your business needs, you’ll be all set to have a very happy holiday season indeed.