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A Perfect Pair: Authorize.Net Names Moolah a Top Reseller

Here’s some exciting news: Authorize.net, Moolah’s preffered payment gateway, have named Moolah a top reseller! This means that Authorize.Net values the work we’re doing together, just as we value the security and reliability Authorize.Net gives to customers who want to start accepting credit cards as a small business.

Wait—so What is Authorize.Net?

Good question. Authorize.Net are the experts when it comes to hooking up your website to the complex payment processing networks that make credit card transactions possible. They’ve got the complex infrastructure and necessary security to confidently provide you and your customers with the fast, reliable, and secure transmission of data necessary for your credit card transactions. Think of them as doing all of the footwork.

So where does Moolah fit in? Moolah provides the merchant account to your business. Whether you just need a “Buy Now” button that works on your e-commerce site, a more robust and customizable Application Programming Interface (API), a mobile payment experience, or a point-of-sale solution for your brick and mortar shop, Moolah provides the required bank relationship of credit card processing.

When combined with the authority, security, and convenience of Authorize.Net, a Moolah solution can revolutionize the payment side of your business. Want to learn more? Here’s a wonderfully simplified visualization of what happens to customer information when a credit card payment is processed.

Better Solutions

What makes the partnership between Moolah and Authorize.Net an outstanding choice when you want to start accepting credit cards as a small business is the simplicity of the integration. Your payments to Moolah include fees to Authorize.net, meaning there are no other hidden costs. You’ll continually benefit from the security of Authorize.Net’s best-in-class processing solution, including their convenient gateway, while never having to think of it as separate from your Moolah solution. Once you join Moolah, simply set up your Authorize.net account and you’ll be all set!

The Gateway
The Authorize.Net payment gateway is available 24/7 for processing your payment transactions. Here, you’ll find a solid collection of value-added services that can help you manage your business more conveniently, and also protect you from fraud. You can manage and review transactions, download reports, and more.

The Seal
As a sign of the value Authorize.Net adds to your business, you’ll be able to display the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant seal on your website. This seal instantly conveys to your customers the message that your care about the security of their personal data by using a trusted processor for your transactions. Rest easy that the seal actually means something, too. You’ll know that your customers’ data is safe because of our compliance with industry standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

When you get onboard with Moolah, you instantly have the power to offer your customers the ease, elegance, and simplicity of top-notch payment interfaces, no matter what device you’re using. What’s more, you’ll be backing it up with the powerhouse payment processing Authorize.Net delivers. Now, accepting credit cards as a small business is as easy as it should be. Visit the Moolah page on Authorize.Net’s website to learn more.