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PCI Compliance for Normal People: Moolah Removes the Headaches

For anyone in the payment world, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance can feel like a huge burden. Anyone who has dealt with it first-hand knows how much of a time-suck it can pose, but it’s essential to take seriously. Part of what makes Moolah one of the best credit card processing companies is our efforts to help businesses in all the areas they need it, and PCI compliance is undoubtedly one of these. Knowing you may have some questions, we wrote out some answers:

  1. I’m just a little ma and pop shop—why would fraudsters target me?
    This is a dangerous misconception fueled by the media’s coverage of high-profile data breaches, like those that hit Target and Chipotle. While these epic data breaches command everyone’s notice, huge amounts of crime aren’t publicized. Around 80% of data breaches target small businesses—just like yours. Fraudsters target these small businesses because accepting card payments has more or less become the norm, and they (often rightly) assume that smaller operations won’t have proper security measures in place. Don’t be a statistic!
  2. Isn’t it expensive to get help with PCI compliance?
    Non-compliance is by far the biggest expense. If going it alone, a small or mid-sized business can be crippled by the resulting fees and penalties imposed by credit card companies after a breach, not to speak of potential loss of reputation, and the associated headache of righting the situation.When you partner with Moolah for your merchant account, we offer the security resources of DataGuardian. With us, you don’t have to make a choice about PCI compliance—it’s included. DataGuardian’s totally free PCI program starts you off with a PCI self-assessment questionnaire, which allows you to better understand where your organization is at, and what you need to do to protect your business. From there, you get tons of free resources at your fingertips, and reminders to help keep you up-to-date with your compliance. And we repeat: it’s free.
  3. What if a breach does happen?
    If it can happen to Target, it can happen to anybody. Even when you are fully PCI compliant, bad things can still happen. With DataGuardian at your side, however, you’re still covered. You get $100,000 breach protection to keep your business out of trouble should a breach occur.

Moolah wants to remove the headaches, fear, and uncertainties that surround PCI security. For those who are seeking the best credit card processing company for small businesses, we encourage you to take a look at all that Moolah has to offer.