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Payment Processing Means Getting Connected

Possibly one of the most structural changes washing over the payment industry is the fact the just processing payments isn’t enough anymore. The change is growing up out of the ease of interconnection that comes with cloud-based technologies. As developers make new solutions that cater to the needs of dental companies, dental credit card processing increasingly means that you open yourself up to new opportunities and new efficiencies that can fundamentally change the way your business works.

A great example of this new tendency is evident in Moolah’s collaboration with Dental Success Network, an organization that offers dental offices a suite of helpful services that cover everything from continuing education to help to better payment processing. It looks like dental offices are getting connected in more ways than one.

Welcome to the connected world.

For some offices, staying connected starts with your own company. Dentists with multiple locations need to have a way to keep payments connected for clean and easy accounting. Moolah, along with another partner, Poynt, enables this to work easily. Poynt allows you to have multiple POS locations, and to access the information from everywhere. That’s the beauty of cloud-based systems. Only one location for now? Streamlined payments processed from multiple locations is necessary if you want to start growing.

Stay connected.

When you finally begin accepting payments with a modern point of sale that connects with WIFI a concern many business owners have is what happens if the internet goes down. In bygone times of credit card processing, merchants in this situation we’re forced to accept only cash; businesses that had larger transactions such as dentistry offices might have been forced to close, or else bill patients, which is an incredibly inefficient thing to have to happen. Suffice to say, when WIFI goes down, you want to have a backup. That’s why it’s important for your POS to be able to store transaction information, which then gets processed when the connection is reestablished.

For practically any business, it’s increasingly important to cater to customers who may elect to pay in a variety of ways. Debit and credit cards still hold primacy, but more connected payment tech is claiming an increasing slice of the pie in dental credit card processing. One common issue that arises with cards is that they wear out. If a customer is toward the end of their card’s life cycle, the chip and/or magstripe may not work. If that customer has set up a mobile wallet with their card, they’ve got an easy solution, but only if you’re able to accept their type of payment!

Thanks to cloud-based connectivity, more and more service providers are connecting to give dental offices truly turnkey solutions that do more than ever. Moolah, Poynt, and the Dental Success Network is a great example of how getting connected is easier, and more useful for dentists and patients alike.