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Moolah is modernizing payments for dental practices by offering integration with leading dental solutions, a FREE wireless smart terminal, a single flat rate, and no monthly fees or contracts.

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Wireless freedom within the practice.

The world’s first smart wireless and contactless terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payment experience for dental practices and their patients. Accept all the latest payment technology anywhere, including your operatories!

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What you get

Everything is included in our single flat rate with no hidden fees or contracts.

Simple Flat Pricing

You pay a single flat rate of 2.59% on all card types, for both in-person and online transactions.

Instant Account Activation

No long PDF applications, or personal credit pulls, your account is setup and live within minutes.

FREE GoDaddy Poynt Terminals

The world’s first wireless smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payment experience for your practice and your patients.


Say goodbye to manually adding transactions. Moolah has built a full-stack payment platform that works seamlessly with leading practice management systems.

Next-Day Deposits

Your credit card transactions processed today are in your bank account the next business day.

FREE PCI Compliance

Merchants must maintain PCI compliance when accepting credit cards. Moolah gives you all the tools you need, and you’ll never see a PCI fee!

Meet Crown.
A powerful payment platform built for dental.

Process payments to your GoDaddy Poynt terminals, create automatic payment plans, manage your in-house memberships, and collect outstanding balances by text, email, or directly through your website.

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Crown Features

Crown gives you 6 convenient ways to collect payment from your patients.

In-Person Payments

Process payments wirelessly, giving you complete payment flexibility within the practice.

Virtual Terminal (Card on File)

Quickly take payment over the phone and store the patient's cards on file for future use.

Automatic Payment Plans

Spread out patient treatment costs with flexible recurring payments. You set it up, and Crown will do the rest.

Membership Management

Better serve your uninsured patients, increase your production, and grow your revenue. In-house membership plans have never been more accessible.

Payment Requests

Say goodbye to chasing down payments by phone or paper statements. Give your patients the convenience to pay outstanding balances online via text or email.

Online Payment Form

Link to a payment page from your statements or website, giving your patients an easy way to self-service an outstanding balance.


Your Moolah account has direct integration with leading dental solutions, included at no additional cost.

Open Dental

No more entering payments into Open Dental manually. Every payment processed in Crown is automatically added to your patient's ledger, this includes allocating payments to treatments!


We enable FlexPay! Process payments to your wireless terminals, create automatic recurring payment plans, store patient cards, and send payment requests online all without having to leave Flex.*


Process payments from Modento to your wireless terminals, or send patient's a payment request, giving them the convenience to pay their balance online.*

* Flex and Modento integration requires an active subscription.

One simple rate to accept credit cards everywhere.

No monthly or annual fees, no equipment or software to buy, cancel anytime.

In-person, online, and all card types.
2.59% + $0.00

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Our online application only takes minutes. If you have questions, please contact us at 800-625-1670.

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One simple rate to accept credit cards everywhere.

Simple flat rates

In-person, online, and all card types.
2.59% + $0.00

Accounts include

  • Simple Flat Pricing
  • Instant Account Activation
  • FREE GoDaddy Poynt Terminals
  • Integration
  • Next-Day Deposits
  • FREE PCI Compliance