Accept credit cards directly in your AdvancePro software

Moolah and Authorize.Net have partnered with AdvancePro to bring a secure payment solution, fully integrated into AdvancedPro software.

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Smart. It's not just for phones.

Accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, EMV Chip and traditional mag strip Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards with the Poynt terminal. It’s wireless so you can accept payments at the front desk or bring it back to a patient. Plus a built in receipt printer as well as electronic receipts via text or email.

FREE Poynt Smart Terminal

Integrates with AdvancePro

Advanced fraud detection and secure customer data storage. Taking payments in AdvancePro with Authorize.Net gives your company the peace of mind that transactions are always secure.

FREE Poynt Terminal

Moolah will provide your business with the Poynt smart terminal to use for free, with no additional monthly fees.

Next Day Deposits

Get paid faster, with Moolah your credit card transactions are deposited to your bank account the very next morning.

FREE PCI Compliance

Merchants must maintain PCI compliance when accepting credits cards. Moolah gives you all the tools you need, at no extra cost.

One simple rate to accept credit cards everywhere.

No monthly or annual fees, no equipment or software to buy, cancel anytime.

In-person, online, and all card types.
2.89% + $0.29

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