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Outgrowing your scheduling solution?

We’d like to officially open up a no-judgement zone to talk about your business’s scheduling. If you have multiple part-time employees, by default you have scheduling tools in place. The question is, does the solution fit your business’s needs? And are there functionalities that you could be benefitting from?

With the Poynt Smart Terminal, the free POS that Moolah makes available to our clients, you’re all set up to start benefiting from a wide range of software. One such software solution opens your business up to incredibly useful employee management tools: Homebase.


As with most examples of disruption from cloud-based apps, Homebase takes away a huge amount of those minor but necessary tasks that clog up the daily operations of shift managers. The platform automates things like totaling up hours—including overtime—and even forecasts typical schedules, which can easily be updated if needed. When Homebase is connected to your Poynt POS, it can automatically forecast sales as it learns what’s normal for your business. Managers can in turn stop micro-tasking and start making informed decisions that better the business.

When Things Change

Back when scheduling tools were paper based, scheduling errors used to be considered something of an inevitability that managers did their best to fight against. Still, miscommunications and hiccups happened, resulting in aggravating no-shows. When these no-shows happen during a rush, it actually hurts business. Homebase is a great tool for managing schedule changes, making employees, managers, and even customers happier. The platform helps you to stay on top of all schedule changes by sending out scheduling updates via text, email, and the free mobile app, significantly clarifying everyone’s life. As most part-time employees keep busy, ever-shifting schedules, the ability to trade shifts in a clear, transparent way, without phone calls, is truly a game-changer. Shift managers will be saved from sweating and making desperate phone calls.

Payroll Clarity

From automations and forecasts to easy reports and tracking of things like time-off requests and overtime hours, Homebase in conjunction with the Poynt Smart Terminal makes managing labor costs a clean, straight-forward process. It doesn’t end there. If you have off-site workers, marvel at the clarity of features like GPS-based clock in, which will verify the employee’s clock-in on the time sheet.

Poynt and Moolah are so much more than payment & point of sale solutions; together, it’s a gateway to a range of helpful strategies that can make your business work better. As your business grows, now is the best time to simplify and enhance with Moolah, Poynt, and Homebase.