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Mobile Payments for Growth? Absolutely.

Payments matter, especially because they are a simple, easy-to-control aspect of your business that can lead to a range of improvements and growth. That’s right, we said growth! Here are a few ways how.

Meet them where they are

Your customers are ready to buy. That’s why they’re in your store. With mobile payment acceptance, you can free your staff from the counter and enable them to meet customers right where they are. Maybe you run a spice shop and you see that your customer is hesitating over two different spices. With a mobile payment-optimized system like the Poynt Terminal, the shop clerk can meet the customer right where they are, give insights, and potentially even provide complementary products they might be interested in, all in a more informal environment, that offers big growth potential.


Marketing can have a negative connotation, and it may just be for the annoyance that is caused when a marketing campaign doesn’t match up with what a customer is actually interested in. This is becoming a thing of the past as the ability to collect data on our customer’s habits becomes streamlined. With a sleek POS like the Poynt terminal, it can be far less intimidating for a customer to enter their email or mobile number, especially if they know the store. Now, those regulars can get a message when a product they love is on sale. This kind of targeted marketing is cheaper, way less annoying, and much more likely to move the needle.

Getting a new customer is, by one estimate, seven times more expensive as it is to keep an existing customer coming back. Leveraging technology to keep people connected to your business and your products is a smart way of getting the job done. And by using mobile payment technology to keep the interactions simple and relevant, you’ll be eliminating the barriers that can sometimes hamper the adoption of loyalty programs.

The other side of Branding

When you think of branding, it’s likely that you think of logo, color choice, website, and other high-impact visual aspects of your brand. While these are certainly important for making a strong first impression, they are by no means the most important part of your brand, especially when we think in the long term. Customers are likely going to most remember the interactions they had with the merchant. The biggest factor there is the warmth of the interaction. (That’s why training is so important!) But your point of sale can factor into the impression, too. Old, slow tech won’t be helping you put your best foot forward.

You don’t have to pay an agency big bucks to make your small business memorable. Start off by taking ownership of the things you can control. A great payment experience, such as can be had from a Poynt terminal, does well to make your brand look good. It could be that a lasting and memorable experience with your brand starts there.