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Meet Goodsie: An eCommerce Integration that Does it All

Wait…you’re still not online? At Moolah, we know that it can be difficult for small businesses to get started on the web – creating and maintaining a good e-commerce website is no easy feat. So Moolah scans the enormous amounts of apps and services out there for you, and integrates with those we feel will can add to your business – it’s our way of doing what we can to be the best credit card processing solution for small businesses. Most recently, we’re proud to be partnered with Goodsie, one of the most inclusive solutions for businesses who want to break into eCommerce quickly and easily.

What does Goodsie do?

At its core, Goodsie provides code-free, drag & drop web design solutions for those that have better things to do with their time and money than develop a custom website. Also, there’s inventory management, streamlined order management, and tons of help with shipping notifications. You get real-time sales and traffic analytics at your fingertips, even search engine optimization tools to get your site noticed! Do you already have multiple brick-&-mortar stores, or do you want to in the future? Goodsie can grow with you, with multi-store management, and other features that will appeal to the enterprise-minded.

Clearly, that’s a lot to digest. Let’s pull back and focus on just one of Goodie’s many useful and customizable features: email marketing. Emails can be a very useful way of continuing relationships with your customers. Goodsie is able to set you up with a standard email newsletter marketing system; and in addition to that, they’ve got a few other tricks up their sleeve. System emails, also referred to as transactional emails, which include order receipt and shipping confirmation emails, have a very high open rate—something like 70% (compared to mid-twenties for the average marketing email). Goodsie, forward thinkers that they are, have provided tools to leverage this otherwise boring transactional email. Here’s what it empowers you to do:

  1. Cross sell—while you have your customer’s attention, it’s the perfect time to promote something they may be interested in, or a new product you’d like everyone to know about. You can also seamlessly include promotional offers, which can then easily be shared with friends and family.
  2. Engage with better browsing—That dull, functional receipt email is so 2007. Goodsie allows you to customize your emails with thumbnails to cross-sell the products you want noticed. You’re even able to do hip things like add alternating thumbnails, which have been proven to drive up engagement and click rates.
  3. Stylize!—Lastly, what good is an email if it doesn’t look like you? Goodsie allows you to easily click around, making your email look just like you want it, with custom fonts, email layout options, even options for which little cart logo you want to choose. Be yourself!

At the end of the day, a receipt email is still a touch point with your customer. With the innovative, fully integrated features Goodsie provides, you’re ready to speak through that email in a way that will gain attention, and convert customers.

Goodsie is just one of many ecommerce solutions we partner with. Because our approach at Moolah is doing payments and credit card processing really well, we prefer to put as many options as possible at the fingertips of our customers. Goodsie doesn’t do everything, but in the area of eCommerce, it comes pretty close. In fact, the only thing that Goodsie doesn’t do is offer the best credit card processing for small businesses, which, thankfully, is already covered by Moolah!