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Do the Math: Moolah Integrates With Shopify—& Shopify Now Integrates With eBay.

No matter how you slice it, e-commerce is becoming dramatically easier and more intuitive thanks to Shopify. The super-connected platform prides itself on its ability to help merchants succeed with its wide range of integrations—most notably its integrations that open up added sales channels. Think of it as being able to sell your donuts not just at your donut shop, but at some of the larger shops down the street, allowing your customer base to potentially grow exponentially.

Shopify already made it easy to simply and seamlessly sell on Pinterest and Amazon, as well as a number of other useful apps. Its latest integration, however, is a doozy: now, members of the Shopify community will also be able to seamlessly list their products on eBay, one of the first and biggest e-commerce platforms out there. As Moolah integrates with Shopify, you’ll be able to benefit from the best credit card processing company, while also taking advantage of all that Shopify can do for your e-commerce business.

Why Shopify?

If you’re an e-commerce site, Shopify solves a lot of problems for you right out of the gate. Need a branded website that actually looks good? Shopify has a theme library capable of delivering a look that’s simple, elegant, glam, fun—whatever matches your product and your image. It’s also got tons of features to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and track sales and growth trends.

Why Integrate?

Of particular interest to users will be Shopify’s ability to integrate a variety of sales channels, as mentioned earlier. This allows your products to make more impressions out there on the web, which in turn generates more sales. You’ll also be able to easily sync inventories and orders, no matter which channel they come from, allowing you to do away with spreadsheets or eyeballing, whichever system you’ve been using to track inventory so far!

In addition to the newly announced eBay team-up, Shopify can also get your product on Amazon. That means your goods will be rubbing elbows with practically every other buyable thing in the world, on the largest online shopping platform that has ever existed.

Moolah + Shopify + eBay make a great partnership. If you’re in e-commerce, you’ll instantly see Shopify’s ability to boost your sales and simplify your operations. This, paired with the great rates of a dedicated merchant account from Moolah, means you’ll likely be able to save from the rates you would get from Shopify Payments. With the best credit card processing company, most expansive e-commerce assistance, and access to some of the largest online shopping platforms out there, the math just adds up.