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How to Draw More Patients to Your Practice

For healthcare providers, drawing in new patients can be a challenge. It is hard enough to keep existing patients. Adding new ones can take a lot of work. But in order for your practice to grow, it is necessary to add a steady flow of new patients. Whether it’s through asking your patients to provide online reviews, or providing great service with enhanced healthcare payment solutions, there are many ways you can draw in new patients and grow your practice.

Ask Patients to Provide Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great source of insight for people looking for a new place to shop, eat, or get a particular service, and this is no different for those looking for a healthcare provider. Reviews can be enough to make or break someone’s decision about their next healthcare provider, and help prospective patients determine where to go for their healthcare needs. With this in mind, it can be very useful for your healthcare practice to encourage online reviews, and positive ones at that. Ask your patients to review your practice. There are a variety of sites where they can do so. If you need to, you can provide incentives for this. It is sure to be worth it, as these reviews can bring in new patients and help you grow your practice.

Offer Better Scheduling

It is not easy for everyone to come in during normal business hours. For some perspective patients, this is just not an option. Because of that, it is important to provide schedule flexibility. Provide options for patients to come in before or after work, even if it is only on certain days of the week. This will likely help you appeal to more patients and grow your practice.

Promote Your Practice

A great way to get more patients is to promote your practice in the community. Participate in community events. Give seminars about specific healthcare concerns, and join in fundraising for local school activities, if applicable. Marketing can often be a tiring concern, but making every effort to get your name out there so people in the community know about you in these low-cost ways can be low-hanging fruit in the effort to build recognition in the community.

Ask Patients for Referrals

Referrals can be a great way to get new patients. Word of mouth goes a long way. Encourage your patients to provide referrals to people they know, whether it’s friends, family members, or colleagues. You can even provide incentives for referrals, too. This will likely make it more appealing for your patients to help you.

Make Payments Easy and Convenient

For some patients, payment may be the most dreaded part of a healthcare visit. It is important that you make it easier for your patients by making it convenient for them to pay. That means providing a variety of healthcare payment solutions. Make sure your business takes credit and debit cards. You may also want to provide touchless, NFC payment options, such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. This will go a long way in easing the payment process for your patients. Moolah knows the importance of providing enhanced healthcare payment solutions. We do our best to help healthcare providers make accepting payments pain-free. We even provide the Poynt Smart Terminal, a payment terminal that accepts all major types of payments, for free to all account holders. When you invest in your practice with updated technology, it reflects well on your practice, enabling current and future patients to put their trust in you.