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How Poynt Fits into your Store’s Future

In the hotly contested sector of point of sale terminals, there is a good deal of variety and noise, which can make the decision tough for those who actually have to choose one for their store. As customers grow accustomed to the new smart terminals available, choosing one is becoming more than just an afterthought. Let’s take a look at one of our favorites, the Poynt Smart Terminal, and see what it can do for your store.

A Changing Store Culture

Electronic payments are making a wide variety of changes felt throughout the retail world, both online, to be sure, and for brick-and-mortar shops as well. In so many ways, businesses are after flexibility to reach their customers in new ways. Poynt POS has this, with the ability to use the terminal’s two screens and ergonomic design to meet customers where they are—literally. You can walk with the terminal to complete your transaction anywhere in your store, and the transaction will go smoothly, thanks to the dual screens, which make it easy to get the customer’s signature. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference in how your store is perceived.

Accepting More

Another necessity for the modern POS is the ability to handle all methods of payment. This is what Poynt means when they describe their Smart Terminal as “future proof.” While we can never be completely sure about when new, disruptive technologies will come along, Poynt shows that they are up to the challenge, coming ready for all payments that might be offered, including NFC payments (like Applepay, etc.) and QR codes, in addition to good old-fashioned credit and debit.

An Ecosystem

The heat of competition is rising between the many POS terminals out there. The truth is, at the end of the day, no one or two features are likely to make a big difference in a business’s decision. Terminals of the future (and of today, really) will be judged according to their ability to do more than just process payments, and to open up users to a range of new functions. In this way, the rise of the modern POS mirrors the rise of the smart phone (how many people today do you know who still use a flip phone?). The Poynt POS was created with this perspective in mind. Moolah partners with Poynt to make a free Smart Terminal available to those who join up with Moolah.

It’s an easy way to start benefitting from Poynt’s ecosystem of apps, which open your business up to a world of business helping functionalities, and keep your business on track, going forward.