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Getting Ready for Growth: Employee Management

When your small business is really small, with maybe just you and a family member or two, management is a breeze. To a certain extent, you can be sure that your employee(s) are on your side, and dedicated to your business. When it’s time to grow, there can be many avenues that will help you on your path to treating your employees right and also keeping your sanity, for example, choosing the best credit card processing company can actually make your business more receptive to technology that will up your employee management game!

Hiring your first employee should feel like a big deal—because it is! Along with this big deal comes the potentially big headaches, like tax status, health coverage, and more. You have to consider doing your part to win their loyalty, schedule them properly, and at the very least, pay them on time. In a sense, it can feel like opening up the door to your messy bedroom. Even if you know where everything is, your personal way of doing business will likely not work for the average employee. Well, cheer up. There are some amazing tools that can very quickly make your business and its operations presentable.


Take a breath and say it out loud, slowly: “you can manage payroll.” If you’ve just got one additional employee, almost any payroll method can seem justified, but take caution: growing organically, without much consideration for the next step can be a nightmare for you later on as you try to use the same time consuming ad-hoc methods for a growing number of employees. That’s why it may make sense to at least know what’s out there, and what it can do for you, so that you are able to make an informed decision about when the time has come to make the upgrade.


The same is true for scheduling. Naturally, if you only have one employee to schedule, it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money for a software-based solution to manage his or her schedule. However, it’s important to keep the next step in mind. If you are considering your next point of sale system, for example, keep in mind that some devices, like the Poynt POS, leave you more open to integrate new technologies than others. For the modern worker, cloud-based solutions work way better than the printed-out piece of paper taped to the wall, and with Poynt, you have all you need to become an integrated payments superstar, with payroll, scheduling and more taken care of in a civilized, cloud-based manner.

Naturally, this blog was written with the assumption that your business wants to grow. Certainly, there will be a number of small businesses that feel like they’ll never be in a place to need or want more employees. But if your operations can be streamlined, empowered, and strengthened by the best credit card processing company and the associated tools can come right along with it, you may just rethink how big your goals can be.