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Dental Care: Building Your Back Office

When it comes to dental care, the primary focus is the patient’s wellbeing. Yet, managing day to day paperwork, keeping up with new regulations, and tracking payments can be an equally draining part of any operation, especially for overworked and understaffed independent care providers. A cocktail of factors, including rising education costs, increasingly expensive equipment, declining insurance reimbursements, and more all contribute to increased hardship for dental care providers. That’s why it is so important to utilize the right tools, such as the software solution Dental Success Network, which aims to make it easy for dental offices to optimize their services in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

Streamline the Back Office

Ideally, the integrated point of sale system makes taking credit card payments easy and streamlines administrative tasks, and it’s no different in the world of dental. By reducing overhead and hassle, Dental Success Network gives providers more time to concentrate on patient service and reduces uncertainty.

Keep Accounting Hassle Free

While exploring dental credit card processing options, it is important to consider what additional functionalities your business can benefit from. The Poynt Terminal provides not only a streamlined and attractive portal for processing credit cards, but also interfaces with QuickBooks accounting software, making it easier than ever to track receivables. Cloud-based technology integrates payment processing, accounting software, and tracking.

Interconnectivity also reduces staff time required to manually input data. Eliminating redundant manual entries minimizes the likelihood of input errors and saves the dental care provider the future headaches of trying to laboriously identify and fix accounting mistakes. Automation ensures the provider has the most accurate and up to date cash flow data.

Integrate Inventory Management

Additionally, Poynt Terminal offers compatibility with accompanying inventory management applications. While a patient is checking out, the integrated point of sale system can automatically update office inventory, ensuring staff maintains a well-stocked office. No need to fret about running low on tongue depressors.

By removing redundant administrative tasks, Poynt Terminal curtails costs, allowing savings to be passed on to patients. All this means less overhead, smoother office operations, and ultimately more satisfied patients.

Empower Core Operations

Dental Success Network, along with Moolah and Poynt, is an empowering set of tools that goes so much further than dental credit card processing. With a seamless suite of payment, inventory, and accounting tools, dental care providers have the necessary tools to run an efficient and lean operation. With less time and money spent on routine tasks, the care provider can invest more in refining core operations, staying abreast of advances in the field, and providing the best patient care possible.