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Deciding When to Go EMV (Hint: it’s now)

The U.S. card processing industry is slowly but surely making the long-overdue shift from traditional magnetic stripe card processing to EMV chip technology. Seeing as just 38% of businesses have begun using the technology, we’ve still got a way to go. But we need to hurry up: as of 2015, the U.S. was responsible for 47% of the world’s card fraud, despite only accounting for 24% of total worldwide card volume!

Has your business made the switch yet? If not, with fantastic service and a free EMV-ready Poynt smart terminal, Moolah is here to help. Here’s why it’s time to get with EMV:


As many business owners out there are probably already aware, in October 2015, regulations were changed in an effort to incentivize businesses to adopt chip card technology. According to new regulations, the responsibility of covering card fraud now belongs to the party that is least EMV compliant, which means you, if you’re still not accepting chip cards!

Wondering just how effective EMV technology is at reducing card fraud? Visa reported that, due to implementation of chip cards and readers, instances of counterfeit credit card fraud fell by 47% in just one year, from 2015 to 2016. And that was just in the first year of changing regulations, with fewer than 40% of businesses implementing the technology!

Customer Perception

Apart from the obvious benefits of guarding yourself against card fraud, offering EMV technology will help you preserve trust with your customers. Since the early phases of implementation, public perception has shifted from wariness, misunderstanding, and annoyance at having to wait for the transaction to go through, to trust and understanding their information is being protected. It also doesn’t hurt perception of your company when your POS terminal looks great and functions beautifully. The Poynt smart terminal is a great choice for merchants who are ready to protect themselves against card fraud to become EMV-compliant. Best of all, your Poynt terminal comes free of charge when you sign up for a Moolah merchant account!

Maybe you’re a merchant who already accepts credit cards, but has just been putting off the EMV switch because of the fear of painful fees. Or maybe you’re a business who just now is looking at accepting payment cards, and you’re wondering whether EMV is necessary. No matter your situation, the perfect time to go EMV is now. Choose Moolah to make it happen.