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A POS For Any industry

Technology has meant a wide range of improvements in the lives of retailers, and nowhere can this be felt more than with the point of sale, or POS. This is the number-one information collecting hub of any store, so it’s only natural that the approach to the POS has changed rapidly as information and payment technology increases.

To a degree, all points of sale do the same thing; but on the other hand, the functions you most need from your POS can differ based on your business. For this reason, a technology’s customizability will play a big role in how closely it meets your needs. For restaurants, which probably have the most complicated POS needs, due to the complex ordering systems that are needed, customization is essential. Each order has specializations that need to be communicated to the kitchen in order for the meal to come out right. The Poynt Smart Terminal, and the accompanying POS software that is loaded on, makes customizing simple. You can even test menu layouts, change things around as needed, and adapt your menu to reflect seasonal offerings. The opportunity to customize is one way the Poynt POS rises to the occasion.

What’s right for everyone

We like to think that out of the box, the Poynt POS will be a grand slam for your business. The truth is that what you need may be more specific. That’s where the Smart terminal really gets cool. If you have a certain POS software that works better for your daily operations, the open interface makes it possible to use different points of sale, in addition to many other software that you regularly use to keep your business running. Integrations make Poynt supremely powerful, allowing you to send information seamlessly between your point of sale, and your accounting software, for example.

It’s not that Poynt is the be-all, end-all POS terminal, and that your business will never need to pay for another piece of technology. Even the Poynt smart terminal’s claim of being “future proof” will eventually prove untrue. What makes Poynt the best for practically any industry is its flexibility. Moolah, too, caters to all by offering a simple proposition: transparent rates, and an easy monthly contract with no cancellation fees. Use Moolah for your business as long as it makes sense.

By not holding too tightly on to any one innovation, the Poynt POS paves the way for the future of your business by allowing choice, and this, more than anything equips your business to thrive.