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A Network of Poynts

At Moolah, we want to ensure that right out of the gate, your business has everything it needs to thrive – which is why we partnered with Poynt to offer free Start Terminals to our clients. But over and above the “free” factor, did you know that Poynt’s distinct charm lies in its scalability? With Poynt 5, the company’s smaller, handier devices, you’re able to grow your network of payment terminals to match your needs.

Wait, why not just use my phone?

Businesses are loath to buy another gadget if it isn’t necessary, which means many are tempted to simply use their phone for mobile payments. Still, when security matters, which is always, using your personal mobile phone for transactions means you can open your customers’ data up to the dangers of malware. For businesses that process payments on the go, some recommend using a dedicated smart phone that is used solely for the business. Seeing that the newest iPhone is about $1,000, going with the Poynt 5, which does everything you need and nothing you don’t, makes a lot of sense.

More than payments

Going with Poynt Terminals for a solution does more than revitalize your payment structure. With a Poynt-empowered serving team, you’ll be taking orders more quickly and accurately, with fewer missteps between servers and the kitchen. For retail, Poynt 5 also comes equipped with a scanner, bringing the revolution to the sales floor.

The Poynt 5 puts the same, if not better, functionality in your hand for less. The ergonomics and placement of the card reader brings Poynt’s attention to form in a compact size that is comparable to a smart phone. It’s easy enough to outfit your entire restaurant crew with a Poynt 5, allowing them to run payments right at the table. Think what this can do for the productivity of a bustling restaurant. Each group of guests will be out the door several minutes faster, resulting in shorter wait times, happier guests, as you eliminate that awkward post-payment, pre-signature time frame, where everyone looks down at their messy plates, and avoids eye contact.

Best of all, the Poynt 5 units are supremely connected. No matter the size of your operation, you can keep everyone on the same page with your personalized Poynt universe. Keep the larger Poynt Smart Terminal at the front to process to-go orders comfortably. Outfit your severs with the smaller, more agile Poynt 5 units. Whether you’re operating a big 100-table restaurant or an intimate fine dining hall, if the server has a Poynt, everything will be operating smoothly, and every transaction and order will be recorded.

For restaurants, retailers, and other businesses with big intentions, a payment solution with Moolah and Poynt Terminals enables you to go far.